Plans Change. Decisions Don’t

Plans Change. Decisions Don’t.

Best laid plans.

After being out of town for five days and four nights, I made plans this weekend to go to a two-day training with my mentor, Joel Bauer.

Two days of intensity about my business.

Yet, as caregiver for my parents, they had trepidation as I was just gone and it’s not so easy for them to do every daily task.

As my business is important to me, I decided to go but stay at home, instead of staying at the venue.

I brought dinner home for the folks and they really were relieved that I did because mother was just too tired to think about cooking after dinner.

After dinner, I reclined and shut my eyes, just for a second.

Three hours later I woke up. Before going to bed, I set my alarm for the next day, today.

I slept right through that 5:30 AM alarm and woke up a few minutes before the time I was supposed to be back at the event.

I watched my favorite preacher on Facebook.

Then I got mother out the door for her church.

No, I am not doing what was planned.

I will be working on my business from home today while I take care of the folks and do necessary things around the house.

Plans change. Decisions don’t.

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