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Kim is known as an "Exercise Expert" and "Weight Loss Whisperer." She is know to be the "Go-To Person" to get answers about health information when her clients and friends have a Health Challenge.

Kim is the only Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Life Coach and Triathlon Coach who provides frustrated and overwhelmed adults over 50 with a simple three step system to Permanently Lose the Weight, potentially Eliminate Life-Threatening Disease and Reverse the Aging Process.

How did she get to this point?

Kim has always found Joy in Play. She had a Bicycle, then a Unicycle during childhood. She was an amateur Ice Skater in middle school, Skied in high school and worked at a Roller-skating rink when she was in college. She graduated from University and worked in the TV business. This allowed her to participate in sports for fun. 

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What Clients Say


The ideal role model for how to be a successful

At this time I want to be grateful and thankful for the value that Kim has provided for me with her Life coaching. In a short period of time I have received a lot of great insight on how to prepare myself to be my highest and best. In my opinion, she's the ideal role model for how to be a successful women in our journey of life. Thank you Kim for everything you have given me.

Francisco Mata

Thanks so much, I love your technique

Just wanted to let you know how great I feel after my treatment yesterday. My knee has now been giving my trouble and I feel in general, lighter. Thanks so much, I love your Technique. I feel really comfortable with you. I will recommend this to many of my friends.

Lisa Guerr

Kim explained and walked me through with ease

Today was the first time I had a Neuro-Physical Reprogramming treatment with Kim White. I did not know what to do during the session, Kim explained and walked me through with ease, the experience was something I have not felt before. My brain and emotions were a challenge and was relaxed at the same time. My day after the reprogramming was fantastic.

Linda Chacon

Knowledgeable, professional and confident

Kim White performed muscle memory testing on me. She was knowledgeable, professional and confident while she worked on me. I was extremely comfortable and I found the process to be very relaxing.

Lucrecia Jacobson

I have never met such a wonderful coach

I have never met such a wonderful coach. Coach Kim is knowledgeable and experienced in cycling. She helped me transition to wearing bicycle shoes with cleats & using clipless pedals on a road bike. With Kim’s support and skilled coaching techniques, I am able to successfully ride using a clipless pedal system. Kim is punctual, manages her time well, communicates clearly and is an amazing athlete.

Nancy Linn

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Kim White's “Set Your Goal, Get Your Goal

Learn Kim's proven strategies for setting and achieving your goals. 

This video is a companion to the “What Do You Want?“ Workbook. This granular training helps you to maximize Your goal setting so that you can set your goals accurately and more efficiently in order to get your goals as soon as possible. You change the altitude of your attitude to define, refine and align with your goals. Coach Kim will go into the specifics of each section in the workbook so that you can figure out how to focus your energies for better health, more happiness and more prosperity... Learn More

Kim White's “Ready 4 Rapid Results

Need fast results? This program is designed to get help get you there!

This program is a condensed program of the Eat, Move, & Think Differently Program. It is condensed to get you Rapid Results. If you have an event coming up where you want to look awesome, a wedding , class reunion, red carpet event or if you want to get your Beach body for summer by losing weight and you are committed to making the changes as soon as possible, this program is for you... Learn More

Kim White's “Eat, Move & Think Differently

Accelerate your success with Kim's 52-week online mentorship program.

In this 52-week program, you will get weekly assignments, projects and educational videos to complete in order to change your body. You will eliminate the 15-30 year learning curve on how to change your life to be healthy. The system will teach you the basics of how to have a healthy life in simple and easy to understand terminology, then move into more advanced techniques to create the best body You can have... Learn more

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